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Hunting Heidi Heidi spanked Hunting Heidi Heidi in bondage

Beautiful Heidi
Perils of Heidi #3 - Hunting Heidi

Beautiful slender Heidi gets picked up, cuffed, thinking she's been saved from her previous peril. But she gets brought to a 'hunting' lodge. Little does she know she is the one to be hunted. She's made to shower... and shave her sweet little pussy. She's brought back outside where she is let go in the remote woods... totally naked... only to be chased by the 'hunters'. Whoever catches her first gets to do whatever he wants to her. They chase her through the woods until one lucky redneck finds her and grabs her. He leads the poor girl though the woods with a rope around her neck until, deep in the forest, he ties her stretched out between some trees. He fondles her lovely slender body for a while, then proceeds to whip her, while she struggles futly. She is mercilessly groped and whipped over and over, totally humiliating her.

Heidi gets led back to the lodge, at first she's led walking with the rope around her neck, then she's made to crawl on her hands and knees like a dog on a leash. Poor Heidi is then told to drink out of a dog bowl on her hands and knees while her beautiful ass gets whipped. Then she's made to kneel up and her perky little tits are whipped until she begs to suck the lucky redneck's dick. Which she does... very reluctantly.

60 minutes - $25

Screen shots from Perils of Heidi #3 - Hunting Heidi